You can purchase a 94 lb. bag of Portland Cement at a hardware store for about $7.50.

To store the portland cement and keep it fresh:

Empty portland cement into a plastic trash bag and tie it shut with no air space in the bag.

Even better yet double bag with two plastic trash bags and place them in a large bucket. Pour the cement into the bag and tie it shut with no air space in the bag and put the lid on the bucket.

Bag up about 1½ to 2 lbs. of portland cement into fish bags double bagged and sell them next to the acseterator for about $1.00 a bag. One bottle of acseteratorTM will mix with approximately one pound of portland cement. Remember to tie the fish bags shut so that there is no air space in them.

For acseterator to work at it's best the portland cement needs to be at it's best. The portland cement needs to be kept fresh. Be sure to use it in your display tank. With acseteratorTM you can cement corals in place so naturally that they look like they have just grown from the rock. This cement is much better than any kind of epoxy or glue. It is stronger and more firm. It will not bend. And it is a more natural product that will become a part of the reef.

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