History of WaynesPets.com

Wayne's Pets
Specializing in consulting, and aquarium maintenance, especially Coral Reef Aquariums.

I started WaynesPets.com as a small mail order business on the side. I had that business for a while, and then purchased a pet store in Eustis Florida, that was mainly aquariums; no dog or cat stuff. I named the store Wayne's Pets. I built the store up, and ran it for 4 years, but could not make an honest living competing against other stores that were not as honest. I started doing aquarium services, and then also computer services. The nice thing about the "services" business model is that there is no overhead. When I had the store I had a huge overhead maintaining all the aquariums; I had a bunch of aquariums with a big variety of healthy fish. But that cost money to maintain, stocking aquariums, and bagging up the fish for sale; much more than the cost of products sitting on the shelf, and the time spent explaining to the customers how to take care of their aquariums, advice that most stores won't take the time for, because of the cost of the time spent.

Below are some products that I used to manufacture.

Reef Cement


For creating miniature reefs

in aquariums.

Acseterator will accelerate the hardening of portland cement,

prevent the cement from sticking to hands when out of the water,

and under water help hold the cement together.

Out of the water acseterator will harden the cement in 3 minutes.

Under the water acseterator will solidify the cement in 3 minutes,

but the excess cement can still be trimmed off.

Within 10 minutes the cement will be quite strong, but for nearly maximum strength allow 4 hours.

This is great for cementing in place rocks, corals, and gorgonians. It is also great for repairing

damaged coral, and for creating tidal pools.

Easy to mix. Simply mix acseterator with dry portland cement.

Available in 8 oz. plastic squirt bottles.

8 oz. bottles are $8.61


Invented and Manufactured in U.S.A. by WAYNE'S PETS   
P.O. Box  490182 Leesburg. FL. 34749

A case of 24 bottles is $118.82 with free shipping in the 48 continental US.

More Information About Selling Acseteterator

More Information About Using Acseterator

Downdraft Protein Skimmer  Designed to run off of your overflow. . . Setup Instructions
Model 500 is for 500 gph
Model 1000 is for 1000 gph.

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